Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic SeparatorSeparators are small rubber rings that are fitted between the teeth. They function to expand the space between your teeth so that orthodontic bands can be comfortably placed. Before the bands are placed, the separators are removed. For the initial week after their placement, you must avoid eating any gummy or sticky foods.

Palatal Expander ApplianceThe Palatal Expander may be required for some occasions to expand the upper jaw and teeth. By stretching the upper jaw, you can resolve crossbites and improve your breathing functions. An expansion can be accomplished in less than 4 weeks.

Lingual Arch ApplianceLingual arches are recommended to prevent any overcrowding and anchor the lower arch during an orthodontic treatment. For younger patients, these are used to maintain any extra space to allow the adult teeth to erupt without any complications. In teenage and older patients, this appliance is used to help move the upper molars backwards.

Temporary Anchorage DevicesTADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) are used to prevent any unnecessary tooth movement by creating an external anchor (like a headgear does). The TADs are small pins that are placed through the gums. Prior to the placement of TADS, numbing gel is used to minimize any discomfort. Elastics or rubberbands are connect from the TAD to an aligner or bracket.

Orthodontic RetainersRetainers are used to secure your teeth in position after they have been straightened. Patients have the option of using a permanent or removable retainer following a treatment. These are essential appliances in securing your teeth in their new location or position. The first set is provided along with an Invisalign or braces treatment.