Patient Reviews

"Invisalign Cerritos is a model business and medical practice. I underwent treatment with the Dr. Brodsky's for the past year, and I am incredibly happy with the outstanding results. The staff is courteous, professional and very hard working, and I have already recommended Brodsky Orthodontics to several friends and business colleagues."

− James G.

"Our consultation with Dr. Brodsky went beyond my expectation. Having to deal with my son's dental concerns was very stressful, but after meeting with Dr. Brodsky and his office manager, our stress level was decreased. He formulated a great plan for my son."

− Tyler O.

"I waited until my Invisalign treatment was completed to write my review. I have to say, my teeth are in the best condition of my life thanks to their work! The treatment itself was really comfortable, I never knew how comfortable Invisalign could be until I went through my daily life while wearing them. Dr. Joel and Charles Brodsky provided my with simple instructions during the treatment, I can tell they have done this treatment thousands of times, because almost every question or concern I had was completely addressed. Just want to say thank you to the doctors and their team for an amazing experience!"

− Sheila S.