Cerritos Orthodontist

Dr. Joel and Charles Brodsky are among the most respected providers of orthodontic care in the Cerritos community.  They are dedicated to providing a high quality orthodontics experience in a gentle, accommodating environment.  We welcome you to our high-tech office, where teeth are realigned in the most efficient and precise manner.

We specialize in providing a personalized orthodontics experience that will comfortably improve tooth alignment.  Our treatments include Invisalign, clear braces, regular braces, and more.  We integrate computer technology into our treatments, these include digital imaging and 3D impressions.  Our team wants you to enjoy the most precise and accurate results.

Braces do not have to be only for children.  You can improve the alignment of your teeth at any age if you have healthy gums.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can recognize your specific condition and work thoroughly to provide a personalized treatment plan.  We take great pride in providing courteous service and creating an enjoyable orthodontic experience.

You deserve the healthiest and most straightened smile, let our team help you accomplish your dental goals.  You can call us at (562) 275-3688 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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