Digital Impressions

At the Invisalign Center of Cerritos, we do not take impressions! The introduction of the iTero™ scanner eliminates the need for physical impressions during the Invisalign aligner fabrication process. As Dr. Joel Brodsky and Dr. Charles Brodsky work to improve your smile, you can avoid the discomfort that emerges from the impression-taking process.

The iTero™ technology works alongside Invisalign software to produce a more efficient teeth straightening experience. The previous technique, still used in most orthodontic and dental offices involves the use of rubber impressions. While this method works, the iTeroTM scan creates aligners, which fit more snuggly and grip the teeth more precisely and are ultimately more comfortable. We are able to treat our cases in less time due to the added control of a more accurate 3D rendering of your teeth.

The iTero™ scanner captures each tooth in detail while maintaining your personal comfort. Since impressions are not needed, there is no risk of gagging in the dental chair.

Digital ImpressionsThe digital impressions are rendered on a 3D screen; this enables you to view the results immediately after the scan.

The scanning process involves no use of radiation, which makes the practice safe and comfortable. Throughout the 15-minute procedure, the scanner creates special 3D photos of your teeth and the computer stitches them together into an upper and lower arch. Our consultations also provide this service so you can preview the final results before beginning treatment.

If you wish to have digital impressions for your Invisalign treatment, contact us today and schedule your complimentary consultation.