Braces Cerritos

Braces have remained a dependable option for treating misaligned teeth for years. They are produced from the most durable material to shift your teeth into their natural position and formation. Braces provide the most effective results when they are under the control of an orthodontist.

It is important to alter your diet when you have braces on. Any food that is chewy or sticky can attach to the metal wires and damage them, affecting the result. Any food that is hard can break or damage the brackets which attach to the teeth. You do not have to consider forgoing your favorite foods forever. After your braces treatment has been completed and your teeth have been straightened (approximately 24 months), you can delve into and enjoy your favorite sticky, chewy and hard snacks once again.

It is very important to do a thorough job brushing and flossing your teeth with your braces on. Bacteria and plaque will build up around the corners of the brackets. By consistently and effectively cleaning your teeth, you can minimize the risks of gum disease, decay, and gingivitis. Brushing three times a day is required with braces.

Cerritos orthodontists Dr. Joel Brodsky and his son, Dr. Charles Brodsky, are highly regarded by the ADA, CDA, and AAO for their expertise in braces. Thanks to their experience and dedication, your smile can only benefit from their work.

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