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Dr. Joel Brodsky and Dr. Charles Brodsky are orthodontists and Invisalign specialists and they have made a commitment to treat patients and transform smiles in Cerritos, CA. They are innovative providers of classic metal braces, clear braces and Invisalign. They are unique and versatile orthodontists thanks to an expertise in multiple teeth straightening solutions.  Their experience with Invisalign has exceeded 1100 cases and Invisalign has recently recognized these two doctors as one of their TOP 1% of Doctors in the United States for experience and quality of results.

The Invisalign Center of Cerritos provides a comforting and friendly environment where you are encouraged to take an active role in your treatment. Our specializations are supported by the advanced technology we have invested in, which have delivered resounding results for our patients over our 35+ years in business. We maintain a firm commitment to ensuring your orthodontic experience is comfortable, rewarding, and most of all successful.

Our staff takes the utmost pride in being courteous and prompt with scheduling. This commitment has been instrumental in our goal of creating a “patient-first” environment.

Dr. Joel Brodsky and Dr. Charles Brodsky are pleased to welcome you to an enriching orthodontic experience. Please call us today and schedule your complimentary consultation!


Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial

I had braces as a teenager and I forgot to wear my retainers. I found the two Dr. Brodsky’s two years ago and I was quite impressed with their knowledge and expertise in orthodontics and Invisalign. With the way they restored my smile, I knew they had done these treatments far longer than anyone in the area. At Invisalign Center of Cerritos, you get two generations of smile straightening experience!

– Amanda L.

Dr. Brodsky

Dr. Joel and Dr. Charles Brodsky

We proudly say, “there’s nothing more beautiful than a Brodsky smile”. Practicing orthodontics for over 35 years, this beloved California establishment has an outstanding track record for great customer satisfaction.

We look forward to treating new patients who have yet to experience the quality that we have to offer. It’s no wonder why so many families trust us to care for their families time after time. We have a modern office staffed with the most professional and friendly team. We have special offers for our first time patients so make sure to call and ask about new promotions.

Feel free to call our office anytime for a completely complimentary consultation at (562) 275-3688. We look forward to delivering dedicated care and outstanding customer service to meet your orthodontic needs.

Patient Testimonial

Patient Review

I enjoyed the professionalism and care that the doctors and staff gave me and my children. I started taking my daughter to Dr. Brodsky when she was in 5th grade. She’s now 17 with a beautiful smile. My son is also getting his teeth straightened and I’m going to start on mine. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you so much for all you do!

– Antonio M.

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